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Feidal Georgia LLC is integrated team of highly qualified professionals, who carry out projects and tasks of any complexity at the highest level. Company (registered with the trade mark PREMIER) has been offering its customers products and services of solely European quality. Main segments of our business are import of building and repair materials from Europe and their distribution throughout the entire country.

Feidal Georgia LLC is an exclusive representative in Georgia of prominent brands, such as: FEIDAL, NMC, HARDY, SCLEY, KUSSNER, GRONE, WKRET-MET, NOVAYA VYSOTA, KUDO.

Company of Feidal Georgia provides services of distribution to more than 740 construction-repair trade facilities, as well as DIY establishments. Purchase of goods is available nationwide. We offer dealers flexible system of logistics, along with the provision of supplying our products on stands specialized by standards of trade space. We have worked-out, simplified form of consignment, which aid dealers in realization of products.

Feidal Georgia LLC founded a charity fund "Ziari" in 2019. Every member of the company is involved in this charity and any moneywise donation, which is transferred by the founders of the company, is doubled. Thus encouraging more charitable contributions. Primary beneficiaries of the fund "Ziari" are the homeless elderly, care-deprived children and families with many kids. Up to date, numerous acts of altruism have been carried out and eased hardships and ordeals of our fellow citizens. Additionally, the fund actively takes part in the battle against new COVID-19.

Our Partners


KAEM has been a leader in central Europe for already 25 years and is the biggest supplier of construction and repair materials. Its brand HARDY stands out with its painting accessories of the finest quality and has more than 800 products in the assortment.


Wkret-met is Polish company, which has been producing the highest quality clip accessories for building and renovations since 1990. The production of Wkret-met complies with EU standards and requirements, confirming many certificates obtained from the strictest examination and testing of these products.


FEIDAL - (Meffert AG) is German paints brand , which produces the highest quality and ecofriendly paints (without LEAD) for inside and as well outside works.


KAEM has been a leader in central Europe for 25 years now and is the largest supplier of construction and furnishing materials! Its brand KÜSSNER - stands out with its highest quality surface facing tools and has more than 450 products in the assortment!


KAEM has been a leader in central Europe for 25 years now and is the largest supplier of construction and furnishing materials! Its brand SCLEY stands out with repairing tapes of highest quality and has more than 300 products in the assortment!


NMC is Belgian company, spread all around the world and produces the highest quality building materials for decorating residentials, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants.


NOVAYA VYSOTA is a Russian company, oriented on the highest quality and sustainability of metal, aluminum and mixed (metal+aluminum) ladders and scaffolders. The products of this company is suitable for family doings along with industrial ones. They are used on construction sites, as the company complies with Georgia's established standards and requirements of safety. The variety and diversity of goods and their impeccable quality provides long-term and safe usage.


WAGNER is a №1 German brand in the production of paints and spraying accessories. It manufactures apparatus for amateurs and also for professional usage. It is actively utilized in construction-production processes, in paints, priming, in pouring and painting decorative masses. It is an irreplaceable apparatus for recieving high quality surfaces. It reduces the labour for you and the cost of the production.



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